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Health & Human Services
Promote and facilitate programs that support the maintenance of good health and eliminate chronic health disparities within the minority community through education, health advocacy and utilization of health care resources.
Services to Youth
Promote early literacy and closing the academic achievement gaps. The curriculum developed gives both teachers and students personal libraries, students receive on average of four books, and teachers on average of 50 books each year.
International Trends  & Services
Educational-based program for urban students that was developed and implemented to teach awareness of other disadvantage countries; educational, health and cultural needs.
National Trends  & Services
Addresses economic, and social inequalities in the areas of finance, education, housing, violence prevention, health, and political influence in our communities, by delivering and sustaining transformational programs.
Expand art activities through integration of the arts and literacy to help close the achievement gap. In partnership with outside organizations to provide live performances that directly align with students including, jazz, dance, music, opera and drama.